m06 is an international company that specialises in IT services. With contacts all around the globe, m06 is always local to you. No matter where you are in the world, m06 offers high quality products and services that are affordable to you.

What is m06’s goal?

m06’s goal is simple, to deliver high quality work that allows the customer to focus on their business while we keep improving our services and moving the IT field forward each and every day.

To keep the IT field moving forward, we ensure to employ those who are enthusiastic about their work, and let them continuously improve their skills. This creates an enthusiastic work environment which generates new and creative ideas.

What does m06 do?

m06 offers many services, m06 offers design, writing and content, development, marketing and consultant services. See all our services.

m06 has a specialized hand picked group within the organization who make up our professional team. This team are skilled veterans in their field of work who have proven themselves to only produce extremely high quality work.

On the other side of m06, there’s the freelancer group. m06 contracts many freelancers from around the world. While skilled in their line of work, they may have less experience than other professional workers, or they may simply prefer working alone. To make sure the quality of the work is of high standard, all work from our freelancers are checked by our quality insurance group.

For those who aren’t interested in custom work, or need something in a hurry, there’s always the m06 store, where we sell high quality products for a fair price. See the store.

The difference for the customer is the price, the guaranteed quality of our work and how we communicate.

How does m06 do it?

By having many contacts that are experts in their field of work globally, m06 manages to adjust their company to match the business practices of your country. By doing this, m06 can establish strong company ties that increase the customers satisfaction all around the globe.

With m06, everything is possible